SGTEditor -- Downloads

DISCLAIMER: SGTEditor is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
You can download SGTEditor from this site, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions,
but SGTEditor comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. See the GPL for details.

To install SGTEditor, you will need to download two jar-archives:
The latest version of the SGTEditor archive and the DiaGen archive.
Save them both to one directory.

Assuming that Java 1.2 or higher is installed on your system, the SGTEditor can then be started with

java -classpath SGTEditor.jar:diagen-2.1.jar:SGTEditor.jar SIT.SGTEditor.

Note that on some systems, single classpath elements are seperated differently, so you probably have to enter:

java -classpath SGTEditor.jar;diagen-2.1.jar;SGTEditor.jar SIT.SGTEditor.

In the lines above, the name of the jar-file containing the SGTEditor classes (SGTEditor.jar)
may vary according to the version number you have downloaded. Note that both archives only contain the
compiled java-classes. For sources of DiaGen, please visit the DiaGen homepage. For sources of SGTEditor,
please see the Contact page on this site.

[.jar] SGTEditor v1.2 JAR-archive (Oct. 2003).

[.jar] SGTEditor v1.1 JAR-archive (Aug. 2003).

[.jar] SGTEditor v1.0 JAR-archive (Feb. 2003).

[.jar] The DiaGen 2.1 JAR-archive (Feb. 2001). This link points to the original DiaGen project homepage
(note that there are more recent versions of DiaGen available on the DiaGen-homepage).