SGTEditor -- History

v1.2 Some minor errors were removed from SGTEditor. This included one error in the tree-like layout of situation graphs. The layout algorithm for situation graphs was modified such that the diagram of an SGT stays more or less at the same area of the editor pane. Thus, the nerving jump of an SGT within the editor pane is no longer existent. In addition to that, situation schemes are now shown as colored rectangles. This on the one hand leads to diagrams which are easier to understand. On the other hand, the coloring of situation schemes can be used in the future to indicate present instantiations of situation schemes. Last but not least an error in the generation of SGT-compatible behaviors - which led to duplicate behaviors - was removed.

v1.1 SGTEditor was extended by functionalities for the creation of maximized SGT-compatible behaviors (see [Arens and Nagel, KI-2003]). In addition to that, SGTEditor was directly connected to components which facilitate the traversal of SGTs with the inference-engine F-Limette.

v1.0 The version v1.0 is the first official version of SGTEditor.