SGTEditor -- Related Sites

DiaGen The Diagen Project Homepage.

IAKS Homepage of the 'Institut für Algorithmen und Kognitive Systeme' (in German).

CogViSys Homepage of CogViSys, a EU-funded project for cognitive computer vision. This site also gives access to a list of publications related to the use of SGTs in computer vision.

F-Limette Homepage of F-Limette, an inference engine for Fuzzy Metric Temporal Horn Logic (FMTHL) developed by K.H.Schaefer in 1996. SGTs created and saved with the SGTEditor can be transformed into a logic-formulation and can then be loaded into this inference-engine.

Human Sequence Evaluation: Knowledge-based Human Behavior Understanding. This site from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona summarizes work performed by Jordi Gonzalez and F. Xavier Roca i Marva concerning the conceptual evaluation of image sequences in which human motion is depicted. The group employs Situation Graph Trees and SGTEditor to describe but also to generate human motion behavior.